Congratulations to Our New Homeowners in Ironwood!

Before Nanny, our newest homeowner, purchased this affordable three-bedroom townhouse in the Ironwood neighborhood of Henrico, she lived the life many of us could only dream about. She traveled the country, living out of an RV, and experienced the beauty of the United States from coast to coast. She loved every minute of her adventurous life and when it was time to settle down she bought this terrific townhouse, just two streets over from where her best friend lives. 

Here is she is on closing day with Anthony Jackson, our Buyer Specialist, who helped Nanny and her best friend both find their perfect new homes. Nanny's townhouse has a great back deck and fenced in yard, so she can spend plenty of time growing the plants and flowers she loves so much!

From all of us at The 20/20 Team, Welcome Home Nanny!

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