How to create a closing basket for your clients!

The purchase or sale of a home is a huge moment for your client's as well as for you as their realtor! Getting to the offical closing date requires many to-do's to be checked off and can be an overwhelming process for client's! 

A great way to show appreciation and welcome client's to a new home or celebrate the sale of their previous home, is by gifting them with a closing basket! This is a popular way many realtors will choose to thank their client's! 

Knowing what to put in the basket and curating it to each client can be challenging but today we are here to give you a few easy tips! 

Tip #1: Every client is different! 

We love personal baskets around here and try to cater each closing gift to our specific client! When creating a closing basket, you want to remember the characterisitcs and specific qualities about your client you've learned over time. For example, if your client has a dog, you can include a new dog toy for them in the basket! You always want to be careful to not include certain things that may not match well with the current client you are working with! 

Tip #2: Set a budget! 

It can be easy to get carried away and spend way more on a closing gift than you were originally anticipating! As a business, budget's are important. Start with a number you are comfortable spending on each client's closing basket and as you purchase items, keep track of the remaining budget you have left! This will help you stay organized and on budget! 

Tip #3: Don't buy a huge basket!

Presentation is important when assembling your closing basket. You'll want to make sure to buy an appropriate sized basket to ensure the items all fit nicely! If you purchase too large of a basket, it can look liike the basket is not full/complete! We recommend staying on the small/medium side. The best place to search for baskets are places like Target, HomeGoods, Amazon! 

Tip #4: Pick a theme! 

It can really be helpful to pick an overall theme of the closing basket you are going to be putting together! Is your client closing on a home on the beach? A basket with beach towels, margarita glasses, and other items they can enjoy would be a perfect way to welcome them home! Did your cllient mention how excited they were to cook in their new kitchen? A basket with new cooking utensils and a recipe book would be the perfect touch! 

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorite things to include in our closing baskets: 


-Cooking Utensils 


-Cleaning Supplies

-Champagne/Drink of Choice 

-Toys for Pets or Children 

We hope this posts will help you brainstorm a few new and unique closing gift basket ideas for your client's! 

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