Midlothian Home - SOLD!

Midlothian Home – SOLD!

Congratulations to our sellers as they closed on their father’s Ranch style home in Midlothian this week! When their father fell ill, these sellers stepped up and took on the responsibility to listing his home in the Midlothian area of Richmond. From virtual staging through all the minor repairs, The 20/20 Team worked closely with these clients to ensure the transaction was handled with minimal stress and the process was as efficient as possible. We are excited to see the dramatic changes that took place at the property and know the new home owners will enjoy many years in this charming home.

Selling As An Estate.

Selling a home as an estate can be a complicated process with many legal ramifications, but with The 20/20 Team on your side the process can be made simple! We work closely with all parties involved in the estate as well as the legal teams to ensure the process is taken care of with the best care possible. Often times selling a home under an estate can be an emotional process, but our dedicated team of experts are here to make sure all concerns are addressed throughout the listing process. To learn more about how The 20/20 Team Keeps The Focus On You, read our testimonials or call today for a free listing consultation.

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