Pre-vacation checklist: Returning To A Clean Home

Want the stress free vibes to keep rolling once you return from a much deserved vacation? One way to do this is to clean and prepare your home before leaving. You will have bags to unpack, clothes to launder, and other things to attend to from being away. No one wants to come home and realize you need to spend hours getting your household in order for the coming week. From experience, our happy homeowners and ourselves do the following before departing for a vacation or extended time away from home:

  • Wash sheets/linens and make the bed(s)
  • Tidy up the laundry area/room so it's ready for the soiled vacation clothes. Washer & dryer empty, ready for action.
  • Empty all trashcans and be sure not to miss trash day the week of
  • Empty dishwasher and leave it cracked open so any remaining water can evaporate
  • Check refrigerator for food that would expire. If you are feeling extra energetic, this would be a great time to give the fridge a good cleaning
  • Pick up clutter around the house

Extra Tip: Have a grocery list ready to go for when you return to plan the next week's meals. Using a grocery or meal delivery service? Schedule your order to arrive shortly after you return.


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