Congratulations to Our New Homeowners in Powhatan!

For Mike and Leslie, closing recently on their custom home in Powhatan was a dream come true. Since late last year they had been working with our Buyer Specialist, Anthony Jackson, to finalize all the details on the construction of their new home. 

They spent months and months coordinating with contractors, general managers, electricians, plumbers, you name it- they texted, called, emailed, and showed up in person to make sure the work promised was being completed. It can be an ardous process, involving a million little details that need to be checked and marked off the list, while staying on top of deadlines, and working through unexpected delays. It is important to have a Buyers Specialist you can trust, one who is going to keep the focus on you. 

Luckily, Mike and Leslie had Anthony on their side- their own personal Superman! Throughout this process, they developed a close relationship and when the day finally came to close on their new home, they asked Anthony to lunch to celebrate with them. Aptly dressed in his Superman tee in the photo above, it was a really proud moment for the three of them. 

We would like to congratulate Mike and Leslie on moving into their beautiful new home in Powhatan. 

From all of us at The 20/20 Team, Welcome Home Mike and Leslie!

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