Tips for preparing to move to your new home!

Finally closed on your new home? Now it's time to prepare for your big move! Moving can feel overwhelming but with the proper preparation and planning, the experience can be smooth! 

Below we are sharing advice on how to properly prepare and execute your next move! 

1. Declutter your current home

Moving to a new home is the perfect time to declutter and get rid of your current belongings that you no longer actively use. You will not want to move these items to your new home if you don't need them! Go through room by room and create piles/boxes of items you can either donate or trash. This will help decrease the amount of boxes you'll need to pack and give you a fresh start. 

2. Start packing early 

Don't wait until a few days before your move to start packing! You want to give yourself ample time to pack and organize your boxes properly. This will make unpacking at your new home much more effiicent and save you loads of stress. 

3. Use the right size boxes + pack correctly 

As you are packing, be sure to place the correct items in the proper boxes! You'll want to keep the heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in your large boxes. This will make the overall move easier for whoever is carrying the boxes.  Be sure to place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box with the lightest at the top! 

4. Label each box 

Having each moving box labeled with a description of whats inside as well as the room it's to be placed in will also help your moving day and future unpacking go as smooth as possible. P.S. be sure to tape the boxes securely to avoid potential accidents and damage! 

5. Book your moving company early 

If you plan to hire a moving company for your move, you want to make sure you get on their schedule sooner than later. You'd be suprised how many people are moving at the same time! Stay on top of your planning and get this booked as soon as you have a set moving date in place! Many companies will allow you to move your date if needed. 

Here are a few local RVA based moving companies we recommend: 

- Moxie Movers

-Cavalier Moving 

-All My Son's Moving and Storage

We hope you enjoy these tips and your next move is a smooth and easy process! 

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